Chairman’s Introduction

Hello and welcome to our website! My name is Michael Monk and I am the elected Chairman of the Tribune Party.

I have often been asked, “Why set up another political party in Great Yarmouth”? The answer is that we believe that Great Yarmouth Borough Council is best run by the people that live in the Great Yarmouth area, not by a national political party. The evidence of the last few decades makes it clear that this simply isn’t working.

The benefit of having no allegiance to any national political party is that we have no ideological baggage, which means that we can consider anything that will assist the Borough.

Our prime consideration when choosing policies will be, “Is this policy going to benefit the people of Great Yarmouth”?

If the answer is yes, it will be considered. If the answer is no, then of course we would seek the consultation of our members to ensure we have explored all avenues before wasting valuable time and resources on projects that will in the end provide no value to our Borough.

I have never been elected to any political office which means I have clean hands and an open mind, although I have been involved in local politics for a number of years, acting as support for others. Having spent most of my working life as a business manager, now that I am retired I can dedicate myself fully to help improve Great Yarmouth and make it the one of the best places to live, work and bring up children.

Thank you for visiting.

Let us know your thoughts!

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