Budget amendment saves town toilets

Tribune Group Leader Councillor Adrian Myers has seconded an amendment to the budget – put forward by UKIP Councillor Chris Walch – in support of keeping the town centre toilets open.

Councillor Myers spoke at length regarding the discriminatory aspect of the proposed closure and the tourism benefits of keeping them open. He seconded this amendment citing that he could find no record of any committee having ever considered the points raised by him before deciding to close them.

In a statement he said “There was no evidence of the impact of closure having ever been considered. Indeed I could not even find which committee has made the decision to close them. It seems to me that the committee system is being circumnavigated, and those sitting on them are oblivious to this fact. I was however surprised to note that the recorded vote to keep them open was unanimous. Even the members on the environmental cross party committee, who refused to second Councillor Walch’s proposal in the first place, voted for it.”

Mike Monk,  Chairman of Tribune said “This is yet another example of how Tribune works with and supports ideas and initiatives that are for the benefit of the residents of Great Yarmouth.”

The cost of £8750 will be met from the town centre initiative for this year and Councillor Myers will be urging the development committee to provide funding to refurbish the toilets. Councillor Myers believes this to be a better spend of council tax payers money as opposed to spending £118,966 on an ice rink that can only be used for a limited time.

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