Borough Council on thin ice over rink report

In what has come as no surprise to many, a report on the results of the ice rink and its impact on the town centre has shown a worrying financial loss of £118,996.

Tribune Councillors voted against this vanity project because of the clear case that this ice rink was always going to fail financially. At the time of the full council meeting in October 2017, Tribune Group Leader Councillor Myers stated that the financial reality didn’t add up and that this would end in a significant loss for the Council. He also stated that it was his belief the ice rink would not result in an increase in trade for local businesses.

According to the report there was an increase in footfall of around 8% compared to the previous year, however (as Tribune stated at full council when they voted against the ice rink) greater footfall does not necessarily equate to an increase in spending. This view seems to be supported by traders, according to a survey carried out by council officers. The results show that 90% of traders surveyed felt that the ice rink was a “waste of money and did nothing for the town”.

This is yet another questionable spending decision, voted for by people that claim to have the best interests of Great Yarmouth in mind, at a time when there are a myriad of issues and vital front line services that are in desperate need of funding and attention.

Tribune and its Councillors would ensure a more responsible approach to the expenditure of council tax payers money, prioritising vital services over luxury projects that do little to help our borough.

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