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Should we know where our political candidates live?

Should we know where our political candidates live?

This week on BBC Sunday Politics (Feb 4th) Conservative Party Chairman and Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis has suggested a motion to redact the addresses of political candidates to stop abuse of politicians.

Cynics may say that this is exactly the sort of thing we can expect from our local MP who is consistently accused of not living in the constituency of which he represents.

This is a common occurrence among MP’s, where many big political parties have “parachuted” a candidate in to stand. We have seen several examples of this in Great Yarmouth after many years with local people representing us in Parliament – Brandon Lewis hailing from Brentwood for the Conservatives in 2010 and Lara Norris in 2015 travelling 120 miles to stand for Labour.

Whilst abuse of politicians is a serious issue, do we have a right to know where the people whom wish to represent us live? Is it more important to protect our politicians or for the public to have transparency about whom represents them?

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