Government denies that UC is not working and the role out is all fine and lovely

Government denies that UC is not working and the role out is all fine and lovely.
A Commons committee report has warned that up to 85% of benefits recipients who have switched to Universal Credit are behind on their rent payments because of delays in receiving the State support, leaving one in four tenants at risk of eviction. Some housing providers fear the debts will double as the new system goes nationwide. Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has also voiced his concern about the rollout of Universal Credit, saying the Government should halt it amid opposition from “the entire public sector” in his region.
Councils and housing associations have expressed concern that the rollout of Universal Credit across the country in the next few months will result in a surge in rent arrears, evictions and homelessness. Landlords have warned they are under increasing financial pressure to remove tenants amid a rise in rent arrears associated with delays in receiving the new benefit, and the National Housing Federation said it is presenting a “significant challenge”. Croydon Council in London has renewed its calls for a pause in the rollout, having piloted Universal Credit. The borough will spend £3m this year helping thousands of tenants in arrears to avoid eviction, and it said the 50% increase in support costs was unsustainable. Former Prime Minister John Major has also added his voice to those wanting a review of Universal Credit, and a total of 25 Tory MPs are expected to rebel over the new welfare system. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has warned that almost half a million people will be classed as living in poverty during Theresa May's premiership unless welfare changes are overhauled.

                          Yet despite all the above.
“Is the Conservative MP  David Gauke, who refused to deny, that no claimant will be left without cash at Christmas meaning no food, no electric and no gas.” Just a simple minded ostrich or another whipped government stooge?
Cllr Myers Tribune Party.
Responding to a wave of criticism about the rollout of Universal Credit, Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke has defended the new welfare system and insisted it improves the chances of claimants getting into work. Speaking in the Commons, the minister said: “To those people who call on me to stop the process, I say that once fully rolled out, Universal Credit is likely to mean that 250,000 more people will be in work than would otherwise have been the case”. Even though critics have warned of delayed payments resulting in rent arrears, Mr Gauke claimed the system was being implemented “gradually and sensibly.”

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