What now for UKIP?

What now for UKIP nationally? 

Now the party has achieved its singular aim, what does it actually stand for?

Having read Henry Bolton’s latest rhetoric, it would seem that they are vacuous on policy and that the only real reason for electing a UKIP candidate would be to ensure the government does a good deal on Brexit. However, given their recent election results one has to ask what influence they would actually have in these negotiations.

What now for UKIP locally?

Given how the UKIP group in Great Yarmouth once again supported the Conservatives at Full Council on Tuesday 3rd October the question has to be asked, "Will the current eight Ukippers be standing as Ukippers in the 2018 election or will they stand as Conservatives?"

Considering UKIP are the main opposition in Great Yarmouth Borough Council, we haven't seen much in the way of them opposing the Conservative's plans. Perhaps some key figures in the UKIP group are planning to return to their old Tory roots as UKIP nationally disappears into oblivion. 

We believe that the residents of Great Yarmouth deserve to know if they vote UKIP in 2018, will those elected be defecting to the Conservatives? 

Furthermore, we would ask any Councillors thinking of defecting to do it now and not allow voters to vote for one thing and get another. 

Tribune urges all voters in wards represented by a UKIP councillor to ask them if they are going to continue to stand as Ukippers or are they going to stand as Conservatives.

See if you get a straight answer.

Please pass on the responses you get to Tribune either via our website at the Contact page, or on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tribunepartyGY

Let us know your thoughts!

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