Tribune Party Opposed to Change In Voting Cycle

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is considering changing the current voting system. Under the proposed changes there will only be Borough elections every four years and the electorate will elect all 39 councillors in a single poll.

In a statement from party leader Mike Monk, Tribune has announced its opposition to these changes.

We are told that this change would save our town £30,000 per year. This equates to a saving of less than 77 pence per household per year.

On top of this, we believe that the proposed changes would come at a great cost to local democracy. It would be a struggle for any party to field 39 genuine, quality candidates.

The changes would result in uncontested seats on our council, an issue which is highlighted by the Electoral Reform Society on their website. A similar sized council in Cumbria with this set up saw 21 of its 38 available seats declared before polling day.

Tribune believes it is important that we maintain the current voting cycle to ensure that residents can have their say on how their town is run every single year, rather than allowing one administration four years to do as they please unchecked.

What price democracy?”


Let us know your thoughts!

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