AA boss suggests drivers pay by the mile

AA president Edmund King and his wife Maria, an economist, have been shortlisted for the Wolfson economics prize after suggesting a scheme which would see drivers charged by the mile to use roads. They claim it would generate more money for Britain’s roads while costing drivers less. The proposal would also allow concessions for people with disabilities and those living in remote rural areas, while councils would be able to introduce low-emission zones. Another suggestion by the pair would see sponsorship deals for individual major roads.

Only £7.5bn of £30.7bn raised in 2012 was spent on roads

Road users are now paying four times more money to the Chancellor in motoring taxes than is being spent by the Government on roads, according to research by the RAC Foundation.

The motoring research charity found that in 2012 a total of £30.7billion was raised from direct motoring taxation; £24.8bn from fuel duty and £5.9bn from vehicle excise duty (VED). However, in the same year just £7.5bn (24 per cent of motoring tax income) was spent on the road network, with £3bn spent on national roads and £4.5bn on local roads.

That figure was down on the previous year, too, where the Government received £30.9bn from motorists, but invested £7.9bn on maintaining the road network.

In fact, from 2008 to 2012, the Government spent an average of just 28 per cent of what they received in motoring taxes on the UK roads. Professor Stephen Glaister, RAC Foundation director, said: “Over the past five years the gap between the Chancellor’s income from motoring tax and what he spends on roads has widened sharply.
Tribune believe that if all the revenues charged to drivers for being on the road were spent on the roads then there would be no need to continually look at drivers and vehicle owners as cash cows and for councils to "invent" new schemes in getting money out of motorists.
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    Edward Fletcher - 25/04/2018

    First The rd River Crossing should be scrapped The money Spent By Expanding The Acle Straight to Dual Carriage way Last 10 Years 20-30 People Killed in Crashes
    2Nd Restore Police To The Beat In Great Yarmouth ( I would rather pay my Tourism Levy Money for this ) because just walk around more drug deals going down on the streets even The Wellesley Road Recreation Ground being used for Drug & alcohol parties and people having sex .
    3rd All people claiming housing benefits ,Unemployment benefits To work for the Council ie Litter Picking , Gardening , Painting and Dog Wardens to stop the Owners who do not pick up FINE THEM £500 , Littering fine £500 Like other countries in EU if they do not work No Money
    4th Wellesley Road Recreation Ground should be turned in to THE GREAT YARMOUTH Sports Centre Transferring The Swimming Pool, Bowls , Fitness Centre , Football pitches , Tennis Courts , and Athletics Track all in one place not having Outdoor Music Concerts there like the Council Is thinking about NOW
    The Whole Town needs Cleaning ,weeding , clearing of Dog shit but if you look away from the Town Centre and Sea Front There is NO Street Waste Bins and the Parking Needs Sorting out like The Coach Car Park Turn into A Multi Storey Car Park And The Road around Wellesley Road Recreation Ground Permitted along with Sandown Road , and The sea Front from the Zebra Crossing to the Seashore holiday Park . I run a Hotel and in the Summer The Council is Losing £20,000 pounds pa just from people parking free of charge on these roads not including what they loose in the Permit Books they could get from the B&Bs , Guest Houses , Hotel . If You Need To Talk About some of these views please call 842116

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    Edward Fletcher - 25/04/2018

    Sorry Forgot to add the Land The Council purchased Bevoir Road Area Should be Cleared and Council Houses , Flats Built . Also the Council should start Compulsory purchasing any houses left empty for 6 months and putting them in order and Renting them out
    Town Centre needs to be painted thoroughly cleaned the Shops need to be priced so attracting Major Companies to open up in The Centre rather than on the outskirts of the town
    Also the market needs to be Extended more encouraging more stalls more days of the week instead of the street stalls like the one outside of The SAVOY Indian house
    Also Licensing Laws to revert back to Pubs Closing No Later Than 24.00 and Clubs No Later than 02.00 am and any pub , club having trouble and call the Police, Ambulance because of drunken behavour fined
    Take a lead in the NHS by Allowing Nurses free Training , Housing in return they sign an agreement that once qualified they work for NHS for 4 years thus giving enough time for the next Nurses to be Trained

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