Great Yarmouth Local Election Candidates Needed

Ordinary residents are disillusioned with the political process and politicians in general to the point they feel helpless and unable to influence even the smallest things on their street and in their towns or villages.

Whether it is local planning decisions or what the latest project the Council has decided to sink its money in to, like with St Georges Theatre. Only by having more involvement from ordinary people in local politics can this ever change.

There are at least 12 Councillors of the 39 that are either married or related to each other and a further 7 whom were elected the last time Great Yarmouth had an all-out election 15 years ago in 2004. This really does give the impression that representation for ordinary people on our Council is lacking.

The big parties have run the council for decades, but nothing ever changes. Our town has suffered as a result of years of national party politics getting in the way of proper local governance. It is the residents who are best placed to put our Borough first, not politicians who take instruction from a head office based hundreds of miles away.

The fact that just 3 in 10 eligible voters took part in the last years local elections is strong evidence of that disillusionment and lack of belief in our political process.

It is with regret however that Tribune Party, as the only local independent Party may have to close. We have run many different campaigns to try and get more of you involved with our aim to make Great Yarmouth a better place to live and work. Despite being tremendously supportive, very few people have been willing to give up their time to help us achieve our aims.

We need volunteers. We need people to come to our meetings and share ideas, people to help our campaign and people willing to stand for election to the Council. You do not need prior political experience – in fact we prefer it if you don’t have any!

It would take surprisingly few people to make this happen, but without committed people like you it won’t. Great Yarmouth needs a choice that is not the same old political Parties and we have tried to offer that choice.

We have given up our free time and held open days in our office just off the town centre, we have held stalls on the marketplace, delivered thousands of leaflets and written articles on local policy with copious amounts of background research and spent our own money in doing so. If Great Yarmouth residents really want things to improve they need to do it themselves. ‘Shares’ and ‘Likes’ on social media has some impact, but the only true way to make any difference is to invest just a small proportion of your time.

We are here to help you get elected to the Council so you can be empowered to make your town a better place to live. You don’t need any special qualifications, only a determination to make our Council work better for all of us.

If you have been speaking to your friends and family of the wrongdoings of our Council and how it could be improved but have done nothing about it, then now is the time to do something. Get in touch and we will do our level best to help you get elected as an independent voice for our Borough. Without you coming forward now we won’t be able to be here in the future.

If you want to improve your town and be a part of a group that is focused only on our borough, get in contact with us now.


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