Tribune launch FIRST HOUR FREE campaign

Great Yarmouth’s independent political group the Tribune Party have launched a petition requesting Great Yarmouth Borough Council make the first hour of parking in the town centre free.

To support the campaign and sign the petition – CLICK HERE

We, like many residents across the Borough, believe that the Council prioritises its spending in the wrong places. Great Yarmouth Borough Council has sunk millions of pounds of funding and resources in to controversial, poorly planned and financially costly projects and schemes. Isn’t it about time our money was spent more sensibly? Perhaps there are far better alternatives to spending £2.7million pounds on unpopular changes to Great Yarmouth’s historic marketplace.

We believe that by making the FIRST HOUR FREE both traders and residents alike would feel the benefits.

Other Councils in Norfolk, such as Breckland, manage to have free parking across their region by utilising their finances in such a way that free parking is possible. This has had a positive impact on their local area.

Our town centre has to compete with the likes of free out of town parking at the Gapton Hall retail park. A bold move like this will help to put more money into local business. More money into local businesses is good for our local economy.  It will also benefit those that are not ‘destination stores’ who rely on passing trade.

The benefit to residents is clear. With many people needing to access Council facilities based in the town, visiting one of the many town centre banks, or even popping in for lunch – introducing a FIRST HOUR FREE policy would mean that a quick visit to the town will no longer involve the inconvenience of paying for parking time you don’t need.

Free Parking would be money well spent for all residents. If you agree with us, please sign the petition – CLICK HERE

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