Time to end draconian school uniform rules in Great Yarmouth

With the recent return of children to school this September, many parents and families faced the familiar foe of ensuring their child or children had the correct school uniform.

The biggest issue complained about locally is specialist single suppliers of uniform. Many parents have argued that the cost is too much and the specific requirements of uniforms has increased over the years.

This means that basic and easily outgrown items, such as trousers, jumpers and sports wear cannot be purchased at major supermarkets, because of logos or other defining features. When parents and families are constantly being asked to pay more towards their taxes, this is just another burden on their household and one which can easily be avoided.

One way our M.P Brandon Lewis could help is by appealing to Sir Theodore Agnew, whom founded the East Norfolk Academy Trust in August 2012 which has since become the Inspiration Trust and now runs several local schools.He is a substantial Conservative Party donor, having directly given nearly £150,000 to the Conservative Party in the past ten years.

Perhaps our MP, Brandon Lewis could use his top job as Conservative Party Chairman to help his constituents by asking Mr Agnew why parents are being forced to pay over the odds for everyday items when they would benefit financially from being able to shop around.

Some have said that the extra cost means leaving their children in ill fitting or damaged clothing for longer and that they have to cut back financial costs elsewhere.

Does a logo help children learn or is it only their to promote the schools branding? Let us know what you think.

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