No Influence?

76% of residents feel no influence on local decisions

UK polling company YouGov has released troubling new data that gives a clear indication about people’s feelings on the local area and how little influence they feel they have.

New research carried out by YouGov has allowed them to produce a model that suggests a significant number of people living in Great Yarmouth feel that the town is “getting worse“. This is an opinion that is consistently aired by local residents both online and in the street. While our town certainly has its merits, it is no wonder that so many people feel things are in decline with an apparent increase in crime, wasteful spending by the Borough Council and a run down appearance of many parts of the town largely due to a lack of Council resources.

The YouGov model also reveals that a staggering 76% of people in Great Yarmouth think they can influence local decisions “not very much at all“. This particular point is emphasised by the disappointingly low turnout of 29% in the recent local elections. Over two-thirds of people did not bother to turn out and cast their vote. If what YouGov’s data suggests is correct – and anecdotal evidence certainly supports it – people aren’t turning up because they feel that whatever they do, they have little to no influence on local decisions.

Big national parties dominate our Borough Council. These very parties simply serve a head office based in London, instead of the local people who voted them in. So, is it any wonder that people do not feel they can influence local decisions? As suggested in a previous article written by one of our members on representation, it is about time for the removal of national ideologies at the local level in order to free up Councillors to make appropriate decisions.

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