About Tribune

Tribune is a new political party for Great Yarmouth founded by residents to work towards a Greater Yarmouth.

We believe there is no room for national party politics at local level. The big parties have run the council for decades, but nothing ever changes. Our town has suffered as a result of years of national party politics getting in the way of proper local governance. It is the residents who are best placed to put our Borough first, not politicians who take instruction from a head office based hundreds of miles away.

Tribune is open to positive and fresh ideas that will benefit the entire Borough, not just the town centre. We apply good old fashioned common sense thinking to our decision making and the first thing we do is ask "Will this be good for Great Yarmouth?".

The party has no political ideology and it is made up of members and supporters who are normal residents - from all kinds of backgrounds - who want to change the way the Council and town is run.

Our Aims


Regardless of which area you live in, the main areas of concern seem to be parking, rubbish, fly-tipping, dog fouling and the appearance of run down areas. Tribune has clear aims to pursue policies that would deal with these concerns.


1. Combine current Parking, Environment and Street Wardens into one multi-task department, able to take enforcement action against those who damage our environment or cause nuisance. This should be a cost neutral re-organisation with savings being made through the amalgamation of those departments and the greater efficiency of staff combined into a single department.


Staff would be up-skilled to deal with all aspects that the new department will cover. It will allow us to increase patrols and target areas to times when enforcement officers would be most effective, as well as allowing for a presence in the villages.


2. We will challenge the disastrous decision by Norfolk County Council to increase charges at recycling centres. We believe this will lead to an increase in the levels of fly-tipping in the borough.


3. We want to have closer relations with the local probation service. We would work with the “community service” teams in utilising offenders time on community improvement projects. We would also seek closer relationships with the Youth Offending Team to work with young offenders under court orders to offer skill based community work, to help improve outcomes for those young people.

We will scrutinise and reveal where our town’s annual budget is spent. This is your money, so wouldn’t you like to know where this money goes?


1. We will inform the public about how their Council tax is being spent and why that spending decision was taken.


2. We will conduct a review into all areas of contractual expenditure and seek ways to free up money for services that the Borough Council is responsible for


3. Tribune believes that all those involved in local government, elected or otherwise, should be open and transparent with the people they work for - the residents. Therefore, we feel that Great Yarmouth Borough Council should adopt a policy that insists on a declaration of interest and membership of any body:


(a) exercising functions of a public nature;

(b) directed to charitable purposes; or

(c) one of whose principal purposes includes the influence of public opinion or policy (including any political party or trade union) of which you are a member or in a position of general control or management


4. Provide a regular public forum where members of the public can meet Council officials and staff and ask questions pertinent to their roles.

Support for individuals and business is important for a strong local economy.


1. Adopt a policy of 'boundary spending', whereby the council budget would be used within the Great Yarmouth Borough wherever practical for necessary works and procurement.


2. Universal Credit should not lead to homelessness. We propose to introduce a rent guarantee scheme to ensure that those who are transferred to Universal Credit or other social benefits, do not lose their homes. This would ensure that those individuals - some of whom are often the most vulnerable people in our society - are able to maintain a roof over their heads, by reassuring private landlords that those tenants moving to such benefits will be able to meet their rent commitments.


We believe this will encourage those landlords into taking on and keeping such tenants instead of moving to reject and evict them. The Council will put in safeguarding structures with the tenant to ensure that the rents guaranteed by the Council will be recovered from the tenant once the benefit has been established.


3. Create a quarterly forum for local business so that ideas can be shared with regards to what the Council can do to encourage increased investment in Great Yarmouth by existing businesses and to formulate policies to attract new business to the area. This would increase diversity in employment opportunities for the people in the Borough.


4. We would look at how the Council can support businesses in dealing with red tape and the emerging opportunities for when Brexit is finalised. An example of this would be supporting the re-emergence of the fishing industry in Great Yarmouth.

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